Complete Pile Lifter

A Pile Lifter is a vacuum and carpet grooming machine only, but......

 Complete Pile Lifter has an attachment that gives you the flexibility of completing 5 jobs with one machine.
Complete Pile Lifter
                 It's the perfect solution to all these common problems
(see qualifications below)

                         You Must Have and Meet the Qualifications
            Qualifications: Truck Mount + Pile Lifter = Carpet Groom
Carpet Groom is a patented attachment that hooks on to the axel of the pile lifter to make your pile lifter a carpet cleaner.
LIFE TIME WARRENTY ON CARPET GROOM BODY. FREE 24 Hour SUPPORT.  Order now and get Free Upgrades, and Life Time warrenty.
Attention Pile Lifters .   The Improvement Patented Technology you have been waiting for is now available.  The much sought after attachment brings to life the commercial carpet that can amaze anyone.  
Patented Attachment
Patented Cleaning Technology is now here !
As of July 4,2005,there is not another web site, person, or company that is a specialist or sells the Patented Cleaning Technology of the pile lifter attachment.  John Montgomery of Complete Pile Lifter knows all the tricks on saving your back and making you money.  
I guarantee you can not clean commercial jobs with out this fantastic attachment. This attachment starts paying for itself on the first cleaning job.
Want to sell or trade your old pile lifter.  Simply looking for a new one? E-Mail John on how can I help you. 
 Complete Pile Lifter  extracts grub and dirt from carpet  .
 Complete Pile Lifter works in textile protection.  (Pre-         sprayer sold separately)
 Complete Pile Lifter vacuums and 
 grooms carpets using your Truckmount and water
 Complete Pile Lifter is safe to 
 use on most types of carpets.
 Complete Pile Lifter saves you
 from backaches because it is 
 self propelled with no or very little pushing.
 Complete Pile Lifter has a 
 quick attachment and release.
 Complete Pile Lifter is perfect 
  for large commercial areas.
 Complete Pile Lifter is made for
 commercial truck mounts only.
 Complete Pile Lifter makes other
 cleaning machines obsolete. 
 Complete Pile Lifter is perfect for emergency 
 water extractions..